GD & E Orfeón San Juan Bautista Corporation



  Our organization, both an a cappella chamber ensemble and a socially-committed non-profit corporation, has the determined interest to guard for and follow through the following premises:


  To enrich the choral arts in Puerto Rico through educational and cultural activities, which include concerts for the general public, educational programs, digital recordings, mass broadcasting, illustrative conferences and private performances, amongst others. At all times it is our intention to reach all social groups within our country, particularly those that have been historically denied the opportunity to participate of these experiences.


  To firmly establish a non-profit organization, that serves our society as a model of discipline, efficiency and ethical integrity for the benefit of Puerto Rican society and its culture.


  To support and strengthen the development of Puerto Rican cultural values that defines us as a nation, through the performance and broadcast of our folkloric, popular and academic repertoire.


  To perform the academic repertoire of the great universal choral traditions, with a particular emphasis on the European musical legacy.