cantos sagrados

Estampas criollas
for choir, tenor, rapper and string orchestra

Choral works
by Puerto Rican composer and guitarist
Ernesto Cordero (b.1946)
Commissioned by
the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture
for the celebration
of its 50th Anniversary (1955-2005).
Orchestra composed by musicians from
the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra
Guillermo Figueroa, Musical Director
Edited in 2007 (OSJB 7007)
and recorded at the
Luis A. Ferré Fine Arts Centre, San Juan.


1. Fantasía para cuerdas
music sample


2. Canción de cuna
Traditional text
music sample


3. Guanina
Text by Ernesto Cordero
based on the leyend by Cayetano Coll y Toste
Joel Prieto, tenor
music sample



4. Voz del güiro
Poem: Andrés Castro Ríos (1942-2006)
music sample


5. La hija del viejo Pancho
Poem: Luis Lloréns Torres (1876-1944)
Welmo Romero, rapper
music sample


6. Nácete aquí mi niño
from Tres cantos caribeños
Poem: Nimia Vicéns (1914-1998)
Recorded in 2006
music sample


Includes a booklet with English translations.

Sold-out edition.