GD & E Orfeón San Juan Bautista Corporation


Board of Directors

  GD & E Orfeón San Juan Bautista Corporation's administrative corps is composed of a seven-member Board of Directors, four of which work exclusively as Regular Directors. These citizens are notorious for their sense of commitment, verticality, preparation and experience in areas that contribute to our corporation's well being and to the fulfillment of our corporate mission.

  The remaining three directors (Ex-Officio Directors) constitute a subdivision of the Board named the Officer Corps, and are called to perform the majority of the corporation's administrative and artistic tasks on account of their knowledge and expertise in music, among other areas. The officers are organized in accordance with the following administrative structure: President; (Musical and Artistic Director), Auxiliary President (Musical and Artistic Co-Director), and Secretary-Treasurer (choir member).

Board of Directors:

Elizabeth Isea-Aristimuño, Director
Aida Irene Fournier, Director
Manuel Junco, Director
Prof. Lilliana Duluc, Director
Elsa Mosquera-Sterenberg, Director


Officer Corps:

Daniel Alejandro Tapia-Santiago, Ex Officio Director and President
Guarionex Morales-Matos, Ex Officio Director, Founder and Auxiliary President
Enid M. Mercado-Chapman, Ex Officio Director and Secretary-Treasurer



Community Assistance Group

  Within Orfeón San Juan Bautista there is also voluntary entity, named the Community Assistance Group. It is composed of twelve citizens which, given their skills, leadership and loyalty to the institution, constitute an essential workforce. Due to the great amount of tasks generated by our organization, volunteer participation is crucial in order to guarantee its efficiency. This Assistance Group also allows the opportunity to integrate the community to the dynamic experience of our cultural labor.


José Acosta-Ortiz

Yusef Musa-Cortés

Ana Rosa Rivera

Reverendo Luis Iván Echandía

Lcdo. Ariel Avilés

Adriana Pou-Porrata-Doria


María de Lourdes Matos-Alicea

Dr. Carlos E. González-Camacho

Fray Jimmy Casellas

María E. Santiago-Fuentes

José de los Santos Morales-Matos

María Juanita Caro-González